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I’ve been using your product for a year now and I have to say it is so much better then flex****. I think more people should use THG heat the best heat source out there. Thanks you guys for giving us a good product, keep up the good work and I am a forever customer.– Brent K

My order from Reptile Basics went out within 24 hours and I’m very impressed with the heat tape. As an electrician I really believe the electrical connection is very nice compared to everything else that I’ve ever used, nice job.
– Randy

I was a bit skeptical of the new THG Heat Tape when I first saw it, but I decided to give it a try and see how I liked it. I ordered a few feet of the 6 Watt 4″ and a few feet of the 23 Watt 12″ to test on some of my cages/tubs. The first thing I noticed when the new heat tape arrived was that it had a much more robust feel to it. The new eyelet cord attachment system is great and paired with the new low profile insulators I was already starting to feel good about my purchase. The best part about THG heat tape is how much more consistent the heat output is. With my old flexwatt I could easily find temperature inconsistencies along even short lengths. This certainly isn’t the case with THG Heat Tape. The entire length was the same temperature as far as I could tell. THG Heat isn’t reinventing the wheel, simply improving on it.
– Aaron

I love the 12 inch THG heat tape I can’t say this enough I LOVE IT. I had a terrible time with the 11 in competitor. I build custom enclosures and would run 3-4 pieces all soldered cut to the exact same length. I had a 7-12 degree split from one cage to the other and hot spots within the pieces themselves. Rich sent me some of the new 12 inch THG heat tape and all my worries have gone away. I ran several tests with the THG heat tape and the worst temp difference I was ever able to achieve was 1.5f. Yes 1.5 degrees set up exactly the same as the competitor tape. I will be buying all my heat tape THG from now on and will be posting the results of some real life testing going on now. So far it is performing flawlessly!
– Erik

I just switched over to THG from flexwatt and I must say im very impressed so far. It seems to (according to my temp gun) heat faster and more uniformly than the flexwatt did and it feels extremely durable.

– Brand X Rodents

I noticed that the older heat tape I had was no longer available so I had to purchase this new rivet THG Heat Tape. I built two nine tier racks for my Ball pythons and an incubator. The THG Heat Tape is fantastic. It is easier to put together with the rivet or soldering it directly and best of all it is 100% compatible with the older model heat tape. In my opinion it is easier to use then the older “teeth” clips, there is no plastic to punch through and “hope” you get a connection. The rivet and eye loop are AWESOME.
– Steve Beauchamp, Pythonic Alchemy